PDF.co is an automation and API platform for PDF, Barcodes, Data Extraction, and Data Transformations. It also provides online tools for performing essential PDF-related functionalities such as
splitting/merging PDF, document parsing, filling PDF forms, HTML to PDF conversation, PDF data extraction to various formats, barcode reader, etc.

PDFLite.co is a 100% free tool designed to help casual users to sign and fill a PDF form, merge and split PDF files, convert PDF to other formats, and vice versa. Although the tool is advertised as free, it maintains your file privacy. All your files are processed right in your browser and not uploaded in the cloud.

PDF.co vs PDFLite.co: Features

PDFLite.co Features

PDF Tools

  • Sign and Fill PDF,
  • Merge PDF Files,
  • Split PDF to Single Pages,
  • Image to PDF,
  • PDF to Image,
  • PDF to Text,
  • Image to Text,
  • Watermark PDF,
  • Add Page Numbers to the PDF,
  • PDF to JSON.

Free Plug-ins

PDFLite.co is available as free plugin for:

  • Google Chrome,
  • Microsoft Edge.

Secure Tools

PDFLite.co is a 100% secure tool because:

  • Your files are not uploaded to the Internet;
  • Uses a special technology to process files right in your browser;
  • As a result, nobody can access your documents or data because they never leave your browser;
  • You can use these tools offline (by saving the page or using Chrome Plugin);

PDF.co Features

PDF Tools

  • Merge PDF, Split PDF, and Delete pages from PDF,
  • Fill PDF form, Add Text, Images, and Links to PDF,
  • Read detailed PDF information,
  • Turn PDF into searchable or unsearchable,
  • Convert HTML codes or URLs into PDF,
  • Search and Replace text in PDF,
  • Translate PDF to another language,
  • Compress PDF.

Generate PDF

  • HTML to PDF,
  • HTML Template to PDF,
  • URL to PDF,
  • Images to PDF,
  • Documents to PDF,
  • Email to PDF,
  • Excel to PDF.

Barcode Tools

  • Can generate 1D or 2D barcodes.
  • Can read barcodes from PDF documents, images, and remote documents using the link.

Extract Structured Data

  • Export extracted data into different types such as CSV, XML, JSON, HTML, Spreadsheets, etc.
  • Built-in OCR text recognition support.
  • Extract unstructured PDF data, PDF with tables, orders, reports, scanned documents, invoices, and images.

Business-oriented Features

  • Email to PDF transformation. Supports emails with attachments including tools to extract important data from emails separately.
  • Auto detector and remover of sensitive data.

PDF.co vs PDFLite.co: Source and Output

PDF to Text Conversion Sample PDF Invoice:

Sample Source PDF
Screenshot Source PDF

PDF.co PDF to Text Output

Screenshot of PDF.co Output
Screenshot of PDF.co Output

PDFLite.co PDF to Text Output

Screenshot of PDFLite.co Output
Screenshot of PDFLite.co Output

PDF.co vs PDFLite.co: Integrations

PDF.co Integration

PDF.co has over 300+ app integration:

  • Zapier, Integromat, Bubble, and API for programmers,
  • Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Zoho, and other CRM systems,
  • SharePoint, Office 365, Box, Egnyte, Dropbox, SignNow plus ready-to-use 300+ integrations,
  • RPA UiPath, BluePrism, Automation Anywhere,
  • RapidAPI.

PDFLite.co Integration

PDFLite.co integration is currently not supported.