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PDF Generator API is a very powerful tool that can generate PDF files from HTML, CSS templates, PDF templates, links, and raw HTML code. You can also use spreadsheets, Docx, EML, MSG, XLS, CSV, TXT, RTF, PNG, and JPG files as input.

The PDF Generator API encompasses several API endpoints for specific modules listed below.

PDF Generator API works in PHP, JavaScript, .NET, C#, Java, Python & more.

All files are processed securely. To learn more, please check out this page


API Integrations

If you are not a developer, you can also easily automate your PDF operations via popular business automation platforms: ZapierMakeAirtableSalesforceGoogle Apps Script, and 300+ more.

PDF Generator API Supports Multiple Languages platform can be used by software developers from programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, .NET and ASP.NET, C#, Java, Visual Basic, and many others. Find source code samples in our API documentation.


PDF Generator API Benefits

Large File Support

The API supports documents with over 100MB file size. We recommend using the Asynchronous Mode when working with large files to avoid timeouts.

Customizable PDF Documents

With API you can set output PDF document customizations such as margins, default and custom paper sizes, page orientation, custom headers and footers, and more. These customizations apply to the generated PDF.

Input File Formats For Input Templates

You can generate PDF from scratch or use input documents as a template:

  • PNG, JPG, TIFF images;
  • PDF templates and fillable PDF forms;
  • Rich HTML with CSS and Javascript;
  • Input webpage link.

You can use the API as a PDF report generator for automated PDF creation.

On-Premise API Server runs in the cloud but also provides the on-premise version called API Server. The On-prem version is designed for enterprises that require full control and hosting of the REST API on their own servers. Please reach out to our support team to get access to a trial version.

PDF Generator API Input Sources


The PDF Generator API can generate PDF files from raw HTML codes and website URLs. The generated PDFs are customizable. They can have custom margins, paper size, orientation, header, and footer.


HTML template to PDF

The Handlebars and Mustache templates are HTML templates created with raw HTML codes and some special macros. The PDF Generator API added support for these two template creators and can generate PDFs out from the templates that they make. You can generate PDF from template in Python, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Java & using integrations.


Images to PDF

The PDF Generator API can generate PDFs for images in JPG, PNG, and TIFF format. The API supports multiple images as sources in one request or call. Each image will be generated on individual PDF pages.

Documents to PDF

Replacing existing documents with PDFs is necessary for portability, archival, and safekeeping. The PDF Generator API can generate PDFs from any type of document. The supported document formats are DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, and XPS.


Excel to PDF

The PDF Generator API can generate PDF from XLS, XLSX, or CSV spreadsheet format. The API generates PDF by worksheet. It supports the worksheet selector feature for spreadsheets with multiple worksheets.

Email to PDF

The PDF Generator API can generate PDFs from emails. This can range from the body of the email including the sender and recipient information to the email attachments. The email and its attachments will be generated into a single PDF document with multiple pages.


Merge to PDF

The PDF Generator API is a very powerful tool. It can generate PDF documents for files with the same file formats and a mixture of files with different formats. All of the mentioned input sources above can all be combined into a single PDF using this API. Another supported format is a Zip file. Everything inside the Zip can be generated into 1 PDF document.


Form to PDF

Form to PDF Generator API is an important solution to transform your application into a PDF form filler or automate pre-filling PDF forms. It supports field name mapping for interactive PDF forms and text or image coordinates for regular PDFs. The PDF form fields can be flattened or they can remain editable for further processing.


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