PDF Report Generation Benefits

The PDF.co PDF Report Generation solution can help you create your report from start to finish. It offers an easy way to display visuals such as imagery and graphs. It can be personalized to use your easy-to-read fonts. It works with different types of documents. These documents include images, spreadsheets, docs, and more. And on top of that, you can make your PDF easy to navigate. This allows your readers to get the information they need as quickly as possible. And, jump to any page with a single click.

Generating your report can be as simple as uploading your files. PDF.co processes these files and outputs the PDF Report. This process can be automated using our integration plugins. And these plugins can integrate with other cloud apps.


Merge Different Documents

PDF.co can merge different file formats. The file formats include spreadsheets, presentations, images, Docs, Zip, and PDFs. All these file formats can be merged into a single PDF document. PDF.co eliminates the hassle of converting these files to PDF. The engine is already doing this work for you.

Custom Fonts

PDF.co supports custom fonts. These fonts can either be hosted on your server or on our Dedicated server. You can use fonts available on Google Fonts as well.

HTML Template Support

PDF.co HTML Template supports Mustache and Handlebars. This gives you the ability to use special macros and map dynamic data.

Generate Graphs using HTML

You can use raw HTML to add graphs to your report. The graph can be auto-populated with dynamic information from your database, CRM, or other data sources.

Split PDF Pages

You can use the PDF Splitter to get specific pages from a PDF document. You can either set a page number, range or split the page when it finds a specific keyword.

PDF Bookmarking

PDF.co supports bookmarking pages. This allows you to add easy navigation to your PDF report.

Page Rotation

PDF.co supports manual and auto-page rotation. This gives you the flexibility to fix the orientation of pages without disassembling the PDF document.

Ways to Generate Report using PDF.co

HTML Template

Raw HTML Code

Add Text and Images to PDF

Merge PDF

Split PDF

Email to PDF

Other Ways