This tutorial will demonstrate how to add a Custom connector for Power Automate Cloud.

The first step would be to go to the Custom Connector sub-menu inside the Data section. Upon clicking, it’ll open a page for Custom Connectors.

Power Automate

From the top-right menu named “New custom connector”, click on the “Import an OpenAPI file” menu. This action would open a popup for importing an OpenAPI file.

Open API File

Let’s name this connector “PDFco”. For an OpenAPI file, we need to select a JSON file for that.

We have already put Power Automate custom connector on website. Go to and browse for all integrations. From this page go to “Microsoft Power Automate”. On this page, you’ll find a button to download a custom connector. Now, perform the download and save the file to your machine.

Save JSON File

Now moving back to Power Automate, select the downloaded file and click on the “Continue” button. It will display all information regarding the “PDFco” extension. The next step will be to click on the “Create connector” button, and it’ll save the custom connector. Custom Connector

And that’s it! We can now see the custom connector added!